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TechJockey Cyber Defence (VAPT)

by : Techjockey-VAPT


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TechJockey Cyber Defence (VAPT) Software Overview

What is VAPT : Our Objectives & Approach? 

VAPT stands for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. This service by Techjockey helps companies run tests to review and evaluate key systems, applications, and networks. This vulnerability testing tool helps identify vulnerabilities and configuration issues which may place an organization at the risk of being exploited or breached. We, at Techjockey, provide effective ways to identify unique and unknown vulnerabilities, which cannot be defined in exact exploitable or non-exploitable terms. 

Objective of VAPT Services by VAPT: 

Identify vulnerabilities in the system’s perimeter and ensure data protection.  At the same time, provide third-party SDK and API action validation for seamless networking and critical data sharing across different applications. 

Approach of VAPT to Vulnerability Analysis:

  1. Check and access the control parameter. 
  2. Establish a proper application workflow sequencing 
  3. Evaluate that there aren’t any loopholes in the authentication processes and make sure that it is not exploited.
  4. Web server configuration assessment. 
  5. Review key lengths, key exchange methods, algorithms, and SSL versions.  
  6. Check the security level of sessions and run penetration tests
  7. Prevent third-parties or persons from getting unauthorized access to th network during password reset process.

 VAPT - Steps Involved in Vulnerability Analysis

How Does VAPT Help with Penetration Testing? 

Penetration evaluation is a goal-driven test focused on identification of all the possible routes through which an attacker could get unauthorized access into the system. It also helps in determining the potential damage and further internal compromise a cyber attacker can carry out once they get past the initial security. This assists in creating the proof of concept strategy to investigate, exploit, and validate the extension of identified vulnerabilities. 

VAPT - Steps Involved in Penetration Testing

What process types are supported by VAPT?

Here are the different process types supported by VAPT: 

  1. Black Box Testing: Conducting test from an external network without any prior information of the internal systems and network. 
  2. White Box Texting: Testing from within the network with the complete information of the network, system, and its architecture. 
  3. Grey Box Testing: Test being performed from both external and internal network. The tests are conducted with the partial knowledge of the internal network and the system. It is a combination of both white and black testing. 

Factors that VAPT Experts at Techjockey Consider for Vulnerability Assessment

Here are some prime factors considered during VAPT for vulnerability assessment: 

  1. Ensure that change management processes are in sync with security benchmarks
  2. Track third-party SDKs and APIs of third-party apps and software
  3. Identify vulnerabilities in firewalls, scanners and other perimeter systems. 

Why SMEs should opt for VAPT Services by Techjockey? 

Here are some common reasons why SMEs should invest VAPT for cyber security: 

  1. It identifies security loopholes in your protective layers like firewalls to protect against the attacks. 
  2. VAPT service by Techjockey is a budget-friendly option for SMEs.
  3. The vulnerability assessment tool helps organizations connect with potential clients or business partners who may probably feel insecure because of the lack of a proper security apparatus.

SMBs Experiencing Cyber security breaches VAPT Creative

Cyber Security Solution Portfolio:
Endpoint Security Solutions (NGAV, EDR/XDR) Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW)
Workload Security Solutions
(Physical Servers, VMs, Cloud, Containers, Serverless etc.)
Data Security Solutions
(Data Classification, DLP, Encryption, CASB etc.)
Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) Network Access Control (NAC) Solutions
Email Security Solutions SOC/Security Information and Event Management - SIEM
Web Security Solutions Fraud & Risk Management Solutions
DNS Security Solutions Rights Management (IRM/DRM) Solutions
Web Application Firewall (WAF) Identity and Access Management Solutions
SSL Visibility Solutions 2FA/MFA Solutions
DDoS Protection Solutions General Purpose & Payment HSM Solutions
Anti-APT and Sandboxing Solutions Security Awareness & Phishing Simulation Solutions
Application Security (SAST/DAST) Solutions VAPT Solutions

What is the cost of VAPT service by Techjockey? 

Please request a call for price related inquiries regarding VAPT.

TechJockey Cyber Defence (VAPT) Features

Access and check control parameters

This network assessment service helps organizations check the safety of their IT infrastructure and system across different

Finding Loopholes in any Authentic Process

This vulnerability assessment service allows users to identify any loopholes in their security system through authentic testing

Ensure third-parties user cannot intercept

VAPT helps users create a perfectly secure system to ensure that third party users do not get access to the SME information.

Check if Sessions are secured & cannot be tapped

The service enables SMEs and users to check if their network is secure and search for exploitable loopholes.

Assess Web Server configuration

SMEs can use the VAPT services by Techjockey to enhance the HTML framework of their network to boost its security capability.

Review SSL versions

This vulnerability assessment service facilitates IT teams to re-evaluate the SSL encryption of their network.

Key Exchange Methods

SMEs can use VAPT services to review the key exchange methods to enforce improved security standards.


VAPT also helps users review their network algorithms.

Run through Script, SQL, OS Command, & LDAP

The network assessment service allows SMEs to run the vulnerability identification program across SQL injection, Script, OS

TechJockey Cyber Defence (VAPT) Plans & Pricing

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TechJockey Cyber Defence (VAPT) Specifications

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TechJockey Cyber Defence (VAPT) Reviews


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“Cost effective VAPT service”

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Posted - Sep 2, 2020


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“A Must Try to Secure Your Corporate Network”

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Posted - Aug 9, 2020

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TechJockey Cyber Defence (VAPT) FAQ

A. VAPT services helps SMEs safeguard their data from online attacks, data thefts, and unauthorized access. It also helps SMEs monitor their API networks for ransomware attacks.
A. A compromise in cyber security can lead to loss in profits and client/customer confidence in the business. VAPT allows users to create a secure network upon which they can make more profits and earn name and recognition in their industry.
A. Yes, VAPT thoroughly evaluates the error messages of applications to ensure that it does not result in an attack.
A. VAPT services offer two main types of tests, i.e., 1) Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing and 2) configuration Review 1. Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing includes: a. Internal and External IPs b. VoIP & Cloud; Telephony c. AWS Cloud 2. Configuration Review includes: a. AWS cloud assessment b. Devices such as – Switches, Routers, Firewalls, etc.

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