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Microsoft Azure Monitor

by : Microsoft

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Microsoft Azure Monitor logo
Microsoft Azure Monitor
Microsoft Azure Monitor
Microsoft Azure Monitor
Microsoft Azure Monitor

Microsoft Azure Monitor

by : Microsoft

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Brand: Microsoft

Type: Software

Operating System: Ubuntu, Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Microsoft Azure Monitor Software Overview

About Microsoft Azure Monitor

Microsoft Azure Monitor is a network performance monitoring and enhancing software. It helps users in maximizing the availability and performance of their applications by identifying the problems within them. Users can test their hypothesis and even reveal several hidden patterns with the help of an advanced analytical engine, built-in machine learning and interactive query language provided by the software. 

Users get access to visualization maps and an intuitive dashboard by using Microsoft Azure Monitor. Moreover, it identifies any issue in the application such as network glitches, CPU spikes and memory leaks in the code. The software also helps in critical decision making through its detailed analytics and reporting features.

How is the security provided by Microsoft Azure Monitor beneficial for its users?

Microsoft Azure Monitor is a secure cloud foundation from the house of Microsoft. The company annually invests more than 1 billion USD dollars on the development and research of cybersecurity. The software enables its users in extending their protections to hybrid environments. It features a team of 3,500+ global security experts, who work as a team and safeguards the user’s business. Further, Microsoft Azure Monitor enables its users to identify new threats and respond to them in real-time. The software generates actionable insights for its users, by analyzing 400 billion emails, 1billion windows device updates, 18 billion Bing web pages and 450 billion monthly authentications.

Pricing of Microsoft Azure Monitor

If you are interested to use Microsoft Azure Monitor, please send us a callback request. Our customer care team will provide you with an activation key. If you are looking for a license renewal, we are there for you. 

The Latest Version of Microsoft Azure Monitor

The latest version of Microsoft Azure Monitor includes the following upgrades:

  1. General: The makers have added a new video featuring an overview of the software. They have also added a new site for Azure Monitor data reference.
  2. Alerts: The latest version of the software includes additional explanations for resource manager templates. Users also get to understand how metric alerts work for Azure Monitor.
  3. Application Insights: The latest version includes data cap alert along with standard metrics. The software also enables its users to add multiple tables with a detailed export structure.
  4. Insights: The software has an updated depreciation date for office 365 management solutions in Azure Monitor.
  5. Service maps: The Latest Version of Microsoft Azure Monitor offers a richer monitoring experience along with map data sets for Service Map Customers.  

 Compatible Platforms of Microsoft Azure Monitor

The operating systems with which the software is compatible are:

  1. Windows 
  2. Linux

What are the benefits of Microsoft Azure Monitor?

  1. Seamless monitoring: Microsoft Azure Monitor requires minimal technical effort for application monitoring. The user can rely on its automated monitoring and application insights. It eliminates the gap within the performance crack.
  2. Real-time alerts: The software enables its users to set up alerts, analyze multiple data and get end-to-end views of their applications. They can use the machine learning insights provided by the software to instantly identify and solve the problems within their systems.
  3. Powerful Analytics: Microsoft Azure Monitor offers a powerful analytical platform that helps its users isolate all the anomalies and detect problems in real-time.
  4. Security: The software is secured by multiple layers of security provided by Microsoft data centers and infrastructures on a global basis. Users get access to a secured cloud-based platform that is created with customized hardware. It also has integrated security controls within its firmware and hardware.

Microsoft Azure Monitor Features

  • Unify Access Microsoft Azure Monitor stores and analyses operational data within a centralized, scalable and fully managed data store.
  • Monitor your Infrastructure By using Microsoft Azure Monitor, users can timely monitor their infrastructures like Azure Kubernetes Services, Azure Storage,
  • Monitor your Applications The software enables its users to monitor their applications that are hosted on Azure or on-premises. It also supports multiple
  • Network Monitoring Microsoft Azure Monitor enables its users to diagnose and control different network-related issues without logging into their
  • Insights The software features a powerful analytical platform along with extensive query language, enabling its users to interact,
  • Analyze Microsoft Azure Monitor enables its users to analyze their network security, data, alerts, virtual machines, operational
  • Integrations The software allows its users to seamlessly integrate with event management tools, IT service, DevOps issue management, security

Microsoft Azure Monitor Plans & Pricing

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Microsoft Azure Monitor Gallery

What is Azure Monitor?
Unify Access
Monitor your Infrastructure
Monitor your Applications
Network Monitoring

Microsoft Azure Monitor Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
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  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Ubuntu Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

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Microsoft Azure Monitor FAQ

Q. What is the alert feature in Microsoft Azure Monitor? arrow

A. The software instantly notifies its users when any new conditions are found within their monitoring data. It provides four kinds of alerts, that are Metric value, Log Query, Activity Log and Web. The results provided by the Metric value exceeds the threshold and the results provided by Log Query, Activity Log and Web test match the defined criteria.

Q. Can Microsoft Azure Monitor track on-premise resources? arrow

A. Yes, the software monitors on-premises resources by collecting data from virtual machines and applications.

Q. Can I get a demo of Microsoft Azure Monitor? arrow

A. Yes, Techjockey provides an online demo of Microsoft Azure Monitor. You can send us a demo request mentioning your preferable time and date.

Q. Is there a limit to data collection in Microsoft Azure Monitor? arrow

A. No, there is no limit on data collection in Microsoft Azure Monitor.

Q. Does Microsoft Azure Monitor have a mobile app? arrow

A. Currently, Microsoft Azure Monitor does not have a mobile app.

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