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Found our list of Manufacturing ERP Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

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  1. What is Manufacturing ERP Software?
  2. Why You Should Use a Manufacturing Information System?
  3. Key Features of Manufacturing ERP for Manufacturing Industry
  4. Types of Manufacturing Software (Industry Specific ERP Software For Dirffrenet Manufacturing Industrie
  5. Follow Steps Before Buying manufacturing ERP systems
  6. Ask for Free and Open Source Manufacturing ERP for Trial

What is Manufacturing ERP Software?

Manufacturing ERP software is designed for the manufacturing industry that automates the product making process. Manufacturing ERP process software help to reduce costs, gave quality control operations, balance supply, and demand, purchase, sales, accounting and make better decisions of production planning. It is also known as production planning, control, and production management system software.

Why You Should Use a Manufacturing Information System?

The manufacturing information system helps organizations regulate their entire product lifecycle. The manufacturing software comes with a suite of manufacturing ERP modules to enhance integration between different functional areas within your enterprise. By using the top manufacturing and production information system, you can benefit from automated planning, scheduling, and fulfillment. This manufacturing management information system also helps with big data intelligence for faster decision making. Analytic reports further help manufacturing managers reduce forecasting errors and hop on new marketing opportunities quickly. Administrative costs associated with the manufacturing process can also be automated with manufacturing ERP software.

Furthermore, the cumbersome inventory tracking process becomes easier with the best ERP software for manufacturing process flow. The ‘production planning’ module provides real-time inventory reports to eliminate any chance of excess stock. Consequently, you can enjoy improved inventory visibility and reduced warehousing cost.

Key Features of Manufacturing ERP for Manufacturing Industry

Bill of Materials (BOM)

The Bill of Materials feature assists in creating a list of assemblies, sub-assemblies, raw materials, parts and components required to build a product. By referring to the list of materials and their desired quantity, manufacturers can ensure that there is no shortage of wastage of parts. With the help of a well-defined BOM, manufacturing firms can plan the purchase of raw materials and maintain accurate records.

Product Life-Cycle Management (PLM)

Product life cycle management software(PLM software) refers to the sequence of activities through which a product undergoes from the time of production to delivery. Using this production management system feature, you can manage and monitor your product lifecycle from the engineering stage to production and distribution. Consequently, you can deliver the desired product quality at every stage.

Quality Control Management

To ensure outstanding product quality, you need to set certain standards throughout the manufacturing process. And, quality control software for manufacturing can assist you in tracking if the quality standards are met at every stage of production. If the product quality is not met at any stage, the managers are alerted about it. They can take immediate steps to resolve quality issues.

Mobile Compatibility

Most manufacturing ERP solutions in the market offer mobile compatibility to help manufacturers perform work order receipts, part location transfers and track shipment using mobile devices. Also, mobile compatible manufacturing ERP software ensures remote access to information about everything needed to stay ahead of the competition.

Automated Processes with Greater Adaptability

Process manufacturing ERP makes data available at a central location, helping different departments work in a collaborative manner & process tracking. From procurement to production, designing, development, inventory, and delivery, every process can be executed with team effort. Further, there will be a reduced dependency on manual processes, bringing efficiency into the system. Backed by technology, your employees will be able to minimize manual errors and achieve higher productivity.

Quicker Response to Market Conditions

Manufacturing ERP process tracking software provides real-time insights, helping businesses plan and respond to changing market conditions quickly. Data analysis and reports can help them capitalize on customer demands with a 360-degree view of varied market demands. Also, the software can help with forecasting the demand, so that you can adjust to changing market conditions quickly.

Strategic Decision Making

An all-in-one best ERP for manufacturing software improves the decision-making ability of an organization significantly. With a thorough insight into the market scenario and the efficiency of different processes, manufacturing managers can make spot-on decisions. They can take steps to improve their sales margin and stay aligned with their goals. Not just external factors like competition and market trends, but internal processes can also be optimized with manufacturing ERP cloud. Day-to-day operations can be performed in a planned way with quick insights available at every stage.

Reduced Costs

The manufacturing accounting software module is to calculate and track the expenses and help to reduce the cost of production. With a centralized platform to access real-time information, administrative tasks become quite easier. Manufacturers can perform day-to-day operations without any delay or disruption to achieve desired goals at reduced costs. Additionally, the inventory tracking facility ensures that there is no wastage of raw materials at any stage of production.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

With streamlined process scheduling and control on inventory at every stage, you can bring efficiency to the production process. Achieving key performance metrics will be easier for your team along with delivering the products on time. And, the product delivery on time ultimately results in higher customer satisfaction. The benefits of using ERP systems for your manufacturing business are plenty. All you need to do is invest in the right system that helps you achieve your organizational goals.

Manufacturing ERP Modules

HR System For Manufacturing Industry

With human resource management module of a manufacturing ERP software helps firms handle their employees smartly. This human resource management software module of the ERP system allows time & attendance tracking, performance reviews and managing employee information with just a few clicks. The payroll sub-module further assists in creating payment receipts and managing salaries. Travel expenses and reimbursements claims of employees can also be managed with top manufacturing ERP.

Manufacturing Resource Planning System (ERP MRP Software)

This MRP software feature of ERP helps in managing different manufacturing processes flow, including production planning, scheduling, and stock management. Using the manufacturing MRP software, you can have a stronger inventory control from the time of procurement of raw materials to the delivery of final products. Also, you can track inventory and maintain the minimum level of raw materials and the final product in your stock.

Manufacturing Inventory Management Solution

Using the manufacturing inventory management software module, you can track the raw material, production, stock of parts and assemblies required to ensure hassle-free manufacturing of products. Also, you can figure out the current location of products in your organization and ensure that they are available in the right quantity at the right time. This way, you can prevent material wastage and ensure optimum stock utilization.

Sales & Marketing Management System

Typical sales processes like inquiry handling & analysis can be performed easily with the sales force automation software module of manufacturing ERP. All types of sales transactions can be managed with this module. It also helps with lead generation and nurturing through email campaigns and SMS to ensure the continuous flow of revenue.

Purchase Management Solution

Through the purchase management software module of manufacturing ERP, you can manage the procurement of raw materials. It also provides functionalities for supplier/ vendor listing and preparing purchase orders. Using this module, you can also track purchase items and update the stock whenever it reaches the minimum level. The purchase module can be integrated with the inventory module to ensure complete stock management.

Manufacturing Finance Solution

The financial management software module of manufacturing ERP helps you stay right in terms of all transactions. From expenditure to the balance sheet, budgeting, and bank statements, all can be taken care of with this module. Financial reporting is further made easy, as all insights can be readily available with just a few clicks.

Manufacturing CRM Solution

The CRM solution module further helps in enhancing sales performance. You can maintain customer contact details and establish a healthy relationship with customers using this module. This module can be further integrated with the sales module to tap on new sales opportunities.

ERP Production Planning

The manufacturing planning and production management system management module is widely adopted by manufacturing firms to perform material scheduling and raw material usage efficiently. This module also helps with production forecasting and reporting. It integrates with the Bill of Material feature to ensure that the raw material used is as per the requirement. Moreover, you can have a 360-degree view of the production process to ensure that quality standards are met unfailingly.

Manufacturing Supply Chain Management System

Using the supply chain management software module, you can manage the flow of raw materials, parts, and components from the manufacturer to the consumer effortlessly. You can perform demand & supply management efficiently with accurate shipping and transportation tracking. Not to forget sales returns, which can be managed through a centralized platform using this software.

Types of Manufacturing Software (Industry Specific ERP Software For Dirffrenet Manufacturing Industrie

Garment manufacturing software

This Garment manufacturing industry is one of the most popular sectors for using apparel ERP for manufacturing and produce quality products with the help of production planning software features.

Food manufacturing software

Food ERP software helps food manufacturers and food distributors to improve food safety, streamline operations, high-quality productions and manage business growth.

Pharma manufacturing software

Pharmaceutical ERP helps to provide resource planning, process,  manufacturing functionalities such, batch tracking, production scheduling, expiration management, quality control, compliance tracking, and production scheduling.

Furniture Manufacturing Software

Furniture ERP improves production planning, quality control, lead times, and control costs, inventory control, supply chain management and increases production. here are the most popular furniture ERP software solution providers.

  • Deskera
  • CyRoc ERP
  • Global Shop Solutions ERP Software
  • Sanderson Unity ERP
  • MRPEasy
  • Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine)
  • Epicor E10 ERP
  • WinMan
  • Sanderson Unity ERP
  • SapphireOne
  • Apprise
  • TRIMIT Furniture

Electronics Manufacturing Software

ERP for the electronics manufacturing industry and Acgil is the best solution for this it will help effective quality management, excellent recall, and traceability, Outstanding compliance support for industry and regulatory standards, Lot or serial number tracking of the stored stock, advance planning of production.

Steel Manufacturing ERP

Steel manufacturing software is now adopting advanced strategies, such as just-in-time and other quality improvement programs to compete globally. Steel ERP systems are designed to address their strategic challenges and achieve quality products at every stage.

Metal Fabrication ERP Software

ERP software for metal fabrication manufacturers helps to improve production with low cost and without wastage of raw metals.  This is focused on low-volume and high-quality production.

ERP chemical software

ERP for the chemical industry is to improve quality control management, analysis of prices, revenues, liabilities, price estimates, R&D of a replacement product, plant maintenance and work progress management.

Follow Steps Before Buying manufacturing ERP systems

These days, manufacturing firms have plenty of solutions to choose from. However, they need to choose, compare and select the one which provides unique advantages. After considering these factors, you will surely get a process manufacturing ERP software which is perfect for your business needs.

Your Business Need: Start by making a list of your requirements, depending upon the necessity of your different departments. Then, make a list of manufacturing ERP systems that will fulfill all your requirements. Based on the manufacturing ERP modules and features, make the final selection for the best ERP for the manufacturing industry.

Cost of Ownership: The choice of the best ERP for small manufacturing businesses depends on the size of your team and the processes that demand automation. Accordingly, you can search for the best ERP for manufacturing with all essential features. And the one which fits into your budget and provides all essential features is a good option. Plus, check for the total cost of ownership for the ERP software for the manufacturing industry you get. If you need to pay the annual maintenance cost, or do you need to pay additionally as the number of users increases. Be clear about all hidden software costs before making the final selection.

Integration: Nowadays, production managers use a variety of solutions to organize their manufacturing activities, such as attendance tracking system, accounting solutions, business intelligence, and reporting tools. To ensure smooth workflow, you need to invest in a manufacturing software small business, which integrates freely with all other existing tools and systems in your organization.

Support: Look for those manufacturing ERP systems vendors who can help you use the software features wisely. Whether you are facing difficulty in creating invoices or tracking everyday processes, a quick call with your software vendor can help you get quick solutions. Along with quick implementation, most manufacturing ERP systems vendors also provide training modules to help your employees pick up easily.

Ask for Free and Open Source Manufacturing ERP for Trial

Some manufacturing ERP software providers in the market offered a free trial version of the ERP system for a limited time so the users satisfied before buying and upgrade to a premium version. 

Manufacturing ERP Free Demo: Trial sessions of the manufacturing ERP software can make everything easier for you. You can learn about the functions of the software and finalize the most suitable one. Look for those vendors who allow you to use the software on your own and analyze the simplicity of features and ease of use. Learning about manufacturing process software from a vendor is not enough until you get to try it on your own. At the time of the demo, you can also have a clear picture of the amount of customization required.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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Best Manufacturing resource planning (mrp) software for manufacturing is designed for production planning, inventory control system, scheduling and used to manage manufacturing processes flow. Most MRP and ERP systems software are cloud based which allow to handle & track your workflow from anywhere, it Plans manufacturing operations activities, delivery schedules and purchasing activities.

Tally ERP is one of the best accounting software for manufacturing small business, it helps to maintain all the raw material stocks, inventory and track all the in-out items in manufacturing unit. tally is low cost accounting software for manufacturing companies. It allows all the documentation export in PDF format and direct command to print.

Before buying cost accounting software for the manufacturing, you need to check for additional customization fees. In some cases, data migration and implementation costs might be charged annually. Also, you should ask for the annual maintenance cost and any cost to be incurred as the number of users increases.

Integration of your production management system with other third-party solutions depends on the compatibility factor. Before buying a manufacturing ERP software, check if its compatible with your existing solutions.

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Focus i

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Integra ERP

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TrigentERP for Process Manufacturing

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Nextsky Fusion

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JP Carpet ERP

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What is Manufacturing ERP Software?

Manufacturing ERP software is designed for the manufacturing industry that automates the product making process. Manufacturing ERP process software help to reduce costs, gave quality control operations, balance supply, and demand, purchase, sales, accounting and make better decisions of production

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"Capabilities to handle all operations, One Codebase integration to ensure all features work. Pay-for-functionality saves a huge chunk of money."

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Ali Khan

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"CREST ERP got all the modules which a typical manufacturing company need. CREAT ERP is user friendly."

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FAQs About Manufacturing ERP Software

Has your working capital increased? Are you struggling with redundant production procedures? Are your customers complaining frequently about product quality? Are you unable to deliver on time? If yes, then you are likely to lose your competitive advantage! So, invest in a process manufacturing ERP software early on, and handle your global needs unfailingly. 

Most vendors provide the facility to move your existing data to the new manufacturing ERP software.  You can easily migrate data like customer details, chart of accounts, and inventory info to the new software.

In the traditional offline model, you will get software licenses on per user and per company basis. However, cloud manufacturing ERP is a subscription-based model where you pay monthly, quarterly or annually depending upon the number of users.

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