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  1. What is Facility Management Software?
  2. Most Common Features of Facility Management Software
  3. Advantages/Benefits of Facility Maintenance Software
  4. Facility Management Software Functions For Different Industries
  5. Things To Be Consider Before Buying Facility Management Software
  6. Facility Management Software Solution Cost

What is Facility Management Software?

Facility Management Software enables users to manage their buildings with all the changes and upgrades along with personalized annotations. Facility management software helps optimize the use of office space for different projects and track maintenance needs.

The best facility management software system allows users to monitor tasks such as:

  • Current repair and maintenance work going on
  • Asset management
  • Work order fulfillment
  • Contractor compliance and sourcing
  • Scheduling preventive maintenance works
  • Billing and invoicing of maintenance work
  • Cost and workflow analytics

With the help of facility management software, organizations can decrease the rate of depreciation of the property over a period.

Most Common Features of Facility Management Software

Work Request Generation: Facility Management software helps to build managers to streamline the tedious task of handling multiple work orders in an organized format. The facility management software system categorizes every work order based on priority, relevance, completion, nature, etc. A good facility management software enables users to generate work requests with full details, while simultaneously informing other officials regarding the maintenance and repair work.

Scheduling Maintenance Work: Facility managers are required to run periodic check-ups and maintenance work for different components of a building facility. Facility management software solutions enable users to list all such important work and keep track of the maintenance check-up/work history documented. Furthermore, facility scheduling software allows users to manage the contact details of the contractors for different services efficiently.

Work Order Management: Facility software enables users to track and check the work order with immediate effect. The software provides real-time status for all the ongoing repair works. Facility management software generates automated notifications for maintenance tasks on a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annual basis based on the work order records. It further reduces redundancy in the maintenance and repairing process and improves resource allocation.

Inventory Management: The best facility Management Software solutions enable structured and effortless inventory management procedures. Facility management software assists users to sort through the huge workload and identify every useful item in their inventory, ranging from PVC pipes, bulbs, among other vital equipment.

Streamlined Workflow: Facility managers can use facility management software to work seamlessly through a single, unified, and comprehensive platform. It provides key assistance in monitoring the office sites, physical spaces, infrastructure, and construction areas by integrating all the workflow. Facility management software stores all the contact information for contractors, suppliers, vendors, site managers, and various other stakeholders for smooth communication. In addition to that, facility software provides greater visibility of all the tasks being performed in real-time.

Cloud-Based Working: Cloud-based facility management system allows users to work on multiple sites and manage them efficiently from remote locations. It also streamlines the communication channels, such as calling, text messaging, emailing, etc. Cloud-based facility scheduling software empowers the supervisors and managers to stay informed and communicate with each other and various other parties such as contractors, vendors, suppliers, etc.

Advantages/Benefits of Facility Maintenance Software

Optimized Space Usage: Facility Management software solutions help users utilize the space in the best possible manner and simultaneously ensure that all the resources are used appropriately. Facility software also provides comprehensive insights into the current workplace setup and the overall maintenance costs for a better understanding of the infrastructure at hand.

Automated Maintenance Reporting: Facility managers can set up reminders for future repairing work. Facility management software ensures that the spaces are managed efficiently in real-time. It also generates automated reminders based on different work orders processed through the system.

Reduction in Asset Depreciation: Facility software assists in reducing the depreciation value of assets by consistently monitoring them. The facility asset management system generates alerts for facility managers to run a constant check on the facilities and record their status.

Quick Reporting: Facility scheduling software reduces the gap between employees and managers with regard to communication. Employees can conduct instant monitoring of the facilities and directly report it to the managers with facility management software. This prepares managers to quickly assess the reports and work on them right away.

Live Tracking of Assets: Facility asset management software gets away with the old practice of managing assets via manual spreadsheets. Facility management software offers an automated way to handle the task of asset management. It reduces any scope of error by empowering facility supervisors with all the information at their fingertips.

Facility Management Software Functions For Different Industries

Facility management software finds its usage in every business in one way or another. Here are some examples listed:

Facility Management Software for Schools: It is important for schools to ensure that all the facilities are kept clean and operating at their fullest capacity to encourage a safe learning space. Facility management software helps schools ensure that staff/authorities are completely updated on the safety protocols along with proper utilization of facilities such as libraries, classrooms, etc.

Facility Management Software for Hospitals: It streamlines maintenance requests for lab devices and helps in managing healthcare facilities such as stretchers, syringes, medicines, etc. All work orders, inspection, and maintenance requests can be managed with facility management software.

Facility Management Software for Small Businesses: Small businesses can reduce their expenses and cut losses with facility software. Facility management software facilitates small businesses to manage their equipment, assets, work order processes, and reduce the space maintenance costs with optimized space usage.

Facilities Management for Construction: Construction companies use facility management software for handling work requests and ensuring the maintenance of all the heavy equipment at their disposal. The facility scheduling software generates alerts for preventive and predictive maintenance to increase the longevity of construction vehicles such as front loaders, dump trucks, backhoes, etc.

Facility Management Software for Sports: Sports institutes can use facility scheduling software to manage their facilities to provide the safest and best platform for organizing sports events. Facility management software solutions enable sports authorities to stay updated with all the safety protocols with regard to different types of sports in real-time.

Facility Management Software For Building Maintenance: Cloud-based facility management software finds its usage in the management of a regular building as well. It facilitates facility managers to practice real-time monitoring of different areas such as water connection, electric line, damage repairs, timely maintenance check-ups, etc.

Things To Be Consider Before Buying Facility Management Software

Here are some important things one should look for while purchasing Facility Management Software:

  • Facility management software should be a one-stop solution for facility managers to incorporate the monitoring of all the spaces and facilities. It should be able to handle all the work order requests and track their progress in real-time.
  • Facility management software solutions should also allow the users to recreate the entire infrastructure and let them add personal annotations with regards to every individual space in that framework.
  • The facility management software solution should facilitate complete building safety with effective facilities monitoring.
  • The facility scheduling software should work as per the business requirements and fulfill all the regulatory compliances for the trade.

Facility Management Software Solution Cost

Facility Management Software Pricing

Standard Starting Price ₹1,700.00
Advanced Starting Price ₹5,200.00
Premium Starting Price Price On Request


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What is Facility Management Software?

Facility management software is an IT solution designed to monitor the complete maintenance and repairing workflow. The facility management software system allows companies to manage their buildings, occupants and spaces, with efficiency.

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