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10 Best Desktop Publishing Software in 2021

What is Desktop Publishing Software?

Desktop publishing software helps in creating layouts for publishing in all types of media, be it newspaper, magazines or books. It turns any document or media file into a layout that can be either exported and printed or uploaded on a website.

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Movavi Pdf Editor

Movavi Pdf Editor

By Movavi

(3 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

Movavi PDF Editor is a smart PDF editing solution that enables users to handle usual tasks related to PDFs without putt... Read More About Movavi Pdf Editor
View image files Document Management Merge Files +2 More
Adobe InDesign CC for teams

Adobe InDesign CC for teams

By Adobe

(1 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Adobe InDesign is a quintessential software for page design layout. It helps you create, pre-flight and publish appealin... Read More About Adobe InDesign CC for teams
Make an impression in print. Digital publications. Dazzling interactions. Keep your team on the same page. +3 More
Adobe FrameMaker for Teams

Adobe FrameMaker for Teams

By Adobe

(3 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Adobe FrameMaker is one of the best Desktop Publishing Software in India. Adobe FrameMaker is a comprehensive document... Read More About Adobe FrameMaker for Teams
Support for high resolution displays Bigger and better welcome screen Search for menu commands +7 More


By Wondershare

(2 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

PDFelement is a utility software designed for managing PDF files in offices, educational institutes, and individual us... Read More About PDFelement
Document Management Convert from PDF PDF Editor +6 More

Top Products

IBM Rational Publishing Engine
With IBM Rational Publishing Engine, a company is capable of automating the generation of document-style reports across... Read More About IBM Rational Publishing Engine
Format Export Templates document Management +4 More
Adobe PageMaker 7.0

Adobe PageMaker 7.0

By Adobe


Adobe Pagemaker 7.0 is a desktop publishing program, designed especially for individual professionals and small busines... Read More About Adobe PageMaker 7.0
Native Photoshop Files Tagged PDF Support Easily Export PDF Files +4 More
Canva Design School

Canva Design School

By Canva Design

(1 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Easily create beautiful designs and documents Use Canva's drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts to design c... Read More About Canva Design School
Graphs Edit Photo Printing


By QuarkXPress

(2 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

QuarkXPress is an advanced graphic design software created by Quark, that gives you precise control over text, images, s... Read More About QuarkXPress
Color Grading Design tools Drawing management +2 More

Related Categories



By Venngage


Venngage is a complete Graphic Design Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Graphic Design... Read More About Venngage
Design tools 3D Design Mode 3D Design & Styling


By Crello


Crello is a complete Graphic Design Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Graphic Design So... Read More About Crello
Multiple Templates Media Library Replace backgrounds in seconds +3 More

Last Updated on : 18 Oct, 2021

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Desktop Publishing Software Reviews


Shiv Datta

review for Movavi Pdf Editor


""Doesn't gobble up space and RAM. The interface is straightforward. Selected structure like Browser. Has fundamental Editing Stuff.""

See All Movavi Pdf Editor Reviews


Adil Ahmad

review for Adobe FrameMaker for Teams


"I used to be surprised at how clean it became to open a huge ditamap created out of doors of adobe framemaker and how quick is opened over three hundred topics."

See All Adobe FrameMaker for Teams Reviews


Aibanisha Lyngdoh

review for PDFelement


"Easy to use websites and they respond quickly to any questions you may have."

See All PDFelement Reviews


Vikash Sharma

review for IBM Rational Publishing Engine


"A great consolidation of all the options available to our organization. The representative was very casual yet proficient in advice and the approach"

See All IBM Rational Publishing Engine Reviews

Buyer's Guide for Top Desktop Publishing Software

Found our list of Desktop Publishing Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is Desktop Publishing Software?

Desktop publishing software, also known as DTP software is used by professional graphic designers and non-designers to create visual content, such as, web pages, brochures, one pagers, banners, posters, business and greeting cards. Along with creative professionals, teachers and students also use web designing software to create visual elements for any event or project.

Desktop publishing provides pre-set templates that can be used by editorial professionals and graphic designers to build layouts quickly and complete their projects on time.

What is Desktop Publishing Software Used for?

DTP software with is powerful publishing technology is ideal for integrating images and text into complex page layouts so that you can print them on the web, or traditional media format. Desktop publishing software provides typesetting and layout tools, vector and transparency editing, and paragraph attributes to convert multiple media and documents into a publishing layout.

Desktop publishing tools help create all types of publishing documents, such as flyers, newsletters, brochures, both online and offline. The software comes with pre-set frames and templates to make complex layouts for all types of publishing materials.

What are the Functions of Desktop Publishing Software?

Desktop publishing solutions provide multiple types of tools like text tools, graphic tools and layout tools for traditional and digital typography. Professional-grade text, images and layouts can be created for desktop and print media publishing.

The desktop publishing system improves the appearance of texts and images dramatically and reduces the time to print. Production costs can also be reduced with minimal chance of errors and rework.

What is the Purpose of Desktop Publishing Software

DTP software is majorly used for these three purposes

1. Page layout design: Desktop publishing system helps create page layouts with defined image and text locations and the number of columns. It also provides the layering option.

2. Graphic design: The desktop publishing tool is used for creating texts and graphical images of professional quality.

3. Artwork Printing: Once the graphic and layout are ready, desktop publishing software help create artworks that can be finally printed for use.

Most Common Features of Desktop Publishing Software

Text Tools: DTP design software provides text tools for adding artistic effects, adjusting text properties, linked text boxes, etc.

Layout Tools: You get layout tools like rulers, layers for multiple editing, object snapping and grouping, etc.

Graphics Tools: DTP software allows editing images in terms of resizing, changing the angle, adding effects and filters, cropping and compressing.

Editing Tools: Desktop publishing tools provide export options to print a layout with all possible types and models of printers.

Import Texts & Graphics: It can import texts and images from multiple types of applications like CAD software, word processes, and more.

Print & Share Options: You can export layouts in multiple formats so that those can be printed across all types of printers.

Multiple Project Support: desktop publishing system supports customized layouts for multiple purposes.

Pre-Built Templates: Top digital publishing tools provide pre-built templates for newsletters, flyers, articles, etc. You just have to make edits and you are ready to go.

Advantages / Benefits of Desktop Publishing Tools

Supports Creativity: With the help of desktop publishing tools, you can create top-notch designs and layouts for marketing, academic and other publishing purposes.

Cost-Effective Desktop Publishing: Once you invest in a desktop publishing software, you can create all types of layouts for publishing. You don’t have to outsource your creative work, thus reducing the overall cost.

Options for customized layouts: Desktop publishing solutions come with pre-built templates that can be adjusted and modified as per your specific requirements.

Enhanced appearance of documents & images: With the help of graphics, layout and text tools, you can create appealing content for publishing.

Time to print is reduced significantly: Reduced manual efforts and the scope of error ensure lesser time in printing any editorial content, brochure, newsletter, etc.

Types of Desktop Publishing Software

Word Processor Software: Word Processor is used for typing, writing, editing and spell/grammar checking. For commercial publishing or printing, you would need a word processor with export/import capabilities in multiple formats along with the tools for arranging the page layouts.

Page Layout Software: Page Layout Software is required for desktop and print publishing. With this software, you can manage page elements, create artistic layouts, integrate text with images and perform multipage publications. This type of desktop publishing software can either be used for professional publishing along with personal activities like creating greeting cards, scrapbooks, etc.

Graphics Software: Web designing and print publishing require both photo editor and vector illustration programs. Graphics software provides both image editing and vector graphic illustration tools for document editing/resizing through multiple iterations. You can also export bitmaps here or add special effects.

Web Publishing Software: Printing a document in hard copies would still require web publishing skills, given the users' preference to access the content online these days. With web publishing software, you can create new website or directories, change the doctype or add metadata to the pages.

How Desktop Publishing Software Works: Desktop publishing software depends on its inbuilt modules for combining data, text, images, charts, graphic art and illustrations into document/page prototypes, which can be further printed. The DTP software also helps integrate text with images, design presentations, develop page layouts and perform colour separation of graphics material/picture. 

All such information gets stored in the computing device and the same gets displayed on the screen as you open the software. Once the artwork is finalized, you can export files for publishing. DTP software for PC creates printing plates so that you can later on also add new images or special effects.

Which Desktop Publishing Software Should you Choose?

We have compiled the best examples of desktop publishing software. 

1. Microsoft Publisher: Microsoft Publisher offers a collection of borders, pictures and calendars to help you create precise style texts and layouts in minutes. The DTP design software also has prebuilt templates so that designing all types of professional marketing materials, newsletters and personal communication products like greeting cards is hassle-free. You can publish or share our work in a pixel-perfect format using Microsoft Publications.

USP: Easy document exporting in a non-editable format.

2. Adobe InDesign: Adobe InDesign is a robust tool that makes it easy for you to develop beautiful page designs and layouts. The DTP software for PC even offers imageries and foundries for preparing the best graphic designs with typography. You can further publish them in any interactive format using Adobe InDesign.

USP: Feedback management tool so that once you publish the document, reviewers can add text, comments, highlight them, etc.

3. Xara: Xara desktop publishing software with its powerful photo editing and illustration tools allows creating the best-in-class layout and page designs. The page and layout designer uses advanced text controls for letting you manipulate text, align objects and highlight them in 3D for quick publishing.

USP: Intuitive page layouts and the magic snap option.

4. QuarkXPress: QuarkXPress with its professional design tools is used by designers and agencies for publishing print materials. The desktop publishing software is best for exporting and importing vector/raster files. You can also use of the software's colour gradients and channels for preparing amazing illustrations.

USP: Responsive web design for digital printing.

Desktop Publishing Software Price List In India

Desktop Publishing Software Cost
Best Desktop Publishing Software Price Ratings
Movavi Pdf Editor ₹1497 4.4
Adobe InDesign CC for teams ₹33432 /Year 4.1
Adobe FrameMaker for Teams ₹34805 /User 4.5
PDFelement ₹5699 4.5
Canva Design School ₹9831 /Month 5
QuarkXPress ₹6348 /Lifetime 4.3

FAQ iconDesktop Publishing Software FAQs

DTP software or desktop publishing software is used in the field of commercial printing and publishing. The software is used for creating pixel-perfect page layouts, integrating text with images, doing photo editing and optimizing the page design before sending it for final printing.

Some of the best desktop publishing software for beginners with a friendly interface are:

  • Scribus
  • Lucidpress
  • Canva
  • Joomag
  • Crello
  • Venngage

The easiest desktop publishing software that requires no specialised skills or training are:

  • Affinity Publisher
  • Scalar
  • Apache OpenOffice
  • Displayr
  • Infogram
  • Shorthand
  • Piktochart
  • PageStream

Desktop publishing software is used by:

  • Graphic designers for creating page layouts
  • Marketers for creating flyers, brochures, banners and posters
  • Writers for creating professional-level and appealing articles, eBooks and newsletters.

Desktop publishing software is used by writers, marketers, teachers, students and designers for creating flyers, brochures, articles, newsletters, eBooks, etc.

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