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  1. Designing Software Overview
  2. Who needs Designing Software?
  3. Why You Need Designing Software?
  4. Modules of Designing Software
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  6. Benefits of Designing Software

Designing Software Overview

Depending on the user, a lot can be done using design software. It can be used from creating a simple 2D drawing to complicated 3D models, add after-effects to movies, creating the front end of websites, enhancing a clicked photo, and more.

Who needs Designing Software?

Graphic designer

A graphic designer uses graphics software to create images that represent the client’s brand. It is used to make logos, ad banners, social media graphic posts, videos, etc.


Photographers use photo design software to edit, modify and enhance the already clicked pictures. They also need top video editing software for editing/creating professional videos.
Web designer: UI/UX or website design software is used for creating an interesting front end of a website. Various designing and editing tools of the software ensure that website visitors have the best user experience.


2D and 3D design software are extensively used in the animation industry to create movies and video games.

CAD designers

CAD designers use design software to create architect/engineer’s suggested designs in 3D. The 3D rendering aspect helps in the execution of this task. It helps CAD designers navigate and scale a 3D object in a virtual setting.

Why You Need Designing Software?

There isn’t an area in people’s lives that has not been touched by technology. And, the field of art is no exception. Modern technology has benefited it through advanced design software. Computer consoles have replaced ink and paper. They let you not only create a creative piece but also edit it easily. You can accentuate a photograph in no time. This is not it; you can draft 2D and 3D models precisely. 3D design software lets you improve viewers’ experience by creating real-like effects in animated movies or adding breath-taking after-effects (VFX) in video games.

Modules of Designing Software

2D drawing

The module facilitates text settings, dimensions, center lines, center marks, data linking, parametric constraints, and more. You can easily create tables and draw revision clouds around changes made, to identify the updates quickly. Using this module of graphic design software, you can play with dimensional aspects and maintain relationships between geometrical design.

With 3D design software

you will see your ideas coming to life. You can create designs in 3D using solid, surface, and other 3D modeling tools. You can visualize the object better with 3D navigation tools, which facilitate orbit, swivel, walk and fly. Moreover, 3D rendering tools help you give a realistic feel to your designs.


The module of graphic design software lets you share or re-use data from DGN or PDF files. You can import, export, or attach such data. It also allows you to attach a reference to an image file to your drawing using a linked image path. Besides this, if your picture includes a map or geographic location information, graphic software can help with that as well by connecting your current drawing with an online map service.

The simulation

Toolkit facilitates mechanical simulation, composite material simulation, structural & manufacturing simulation. Engineers use simulation features to predict their product’s behavior, cut product development time, and optimize a design at an early stage. In other words, simulation lets you validate your product’s performance before manufacturing.


Design software facilitates multi-channel output by providing you with a toolkit that allows you to design for different output devices. Therefore, you need not invest time and money in learning different skills for smartphones, tablets, iPad, or desktops. Create objects in one format and convert it into another format easily as per the suitability of multiple devices. Moreover, one software application is enough to design for different layout types, such as eBooks, iOS apps, HTML5 publications, etc.

Vectors & Graphics

This module provides you with illustration tools, shape maker tools, color picker, and more options. You can easily choose from existing shapes such as waves, polygons, stars, etc. You get a wide range of colors to choose from. Also, you can set the aspect ratio to get the exact color. Besides this, the vectors & graphics module facilitates ‘fit box to the image,’ ‘fit box to text,’ and ‘flip shapes horizontally & vertically.

Features of Designing Software

Image Editing

As the name suggests, photo design software helps you in editing both clicked and created images. A photographer can use respective software to enhance the pictures already taken. Whereas, animators, graphic designers, web designers use it to modify something that has been created from scratch.


Best 3D design software provides tools for interactive 3D visual effects (VFX). It comes with an all-in-one VFX kit including tools for wire removal, lens distortion correction, etc. The VFX toolkit is used to add special effects that weren’t part of the shot initially. It is the VFX feature that makes the inclusion of ‘motion graphics’ and ‘compositing’ in a video possible.  


2D and 3D animation tools let you design, draw, make layouts, create photographic sequences for movies, multimedia products, and video games. This feature facilitates the management of still graphics and helps in generating the illusion of movement. In other words, 3D software is a blessing in disguise for animators.


Karizma album designing software lets web designers, animators, graphic designers work with layers. You can use a variety of colors and various tools such as paintbrushes in a single piece of art. Moreover, designing tools allow you to blend and make precise changes in each layer separately, ensuring you get a complete and desired work of art.

Graphs & Charts

Design software comes with graph tools that let you uplift your artwork by accompanying it with visually-appealing graphs. You can efficiently create Venn diagrams, T-charts, cycle diagrams, comparison charts, bubble maps, and more with the proposed software. You can create professional-quality graphs seamlessly with it.

Turn Models into Documents

At times in 3D projects, you are required to turn your model into a drawing for various reasons. The best 3D design software lets you make the necessary conversion by helping you choose the right drawing scales, adjust line weights, add dimensions, etc. Thereby, it lets you use that ultimate drawing for different purposes by exporting it as PDF, image file, etc.


You can make any picture interesting with this feature. Using the ‘photocopy’ feature, you can use key attributes of one image and apply it to another. Therefore, color, tone, detail, texture, and more from your favorite painting, illustration, photographs can be smoothly made part of your creation.

3D Warehouse

Is like a box full of 3D images, and it is available for designers of 3D models. It is the same as prefix templates or clip art, and you don’t need to create things from scratch. For instance, if you need a sofa design for a room or a rhino image for a zoo, you can directly take it from this warehouse instead of creating it.

Benefits of Designing Software

Enhance Designer’s Productivity

Designing software allows a designer to visualize the final product. You can add VFX and check how the product will look and if any changes are required to be made, it can be done instantly. The proposed software helps the designer in analyzing and saving the design. All these functions help in enhancing a designer’s productivity and decreasing the design cost.

Improves Viewer Interaction

Designing software provides you with tons of features to make your drawing, image, video, graphic, movie, etc. exciting and creative. You can edit your piece of work anytime to make it more appealing and likable for the audience. Unlike manual drafting, you need not create the drawing from scratch but it can be saved at each stage, and you can rework any of the saved files.


The designing software tool provides you with the physical dimension of the drawn object. It gives you the exact distance of your object in relation to other objects in the layout. In this manner, it lets you imagine if the drawn object will look good in a particular position and space. Moreover, you will be easily able to adjust the arrangement of the object w.r.t its shape, room where it has to be placed, etc.

Detailed and Accurate Drawings

One of the benefits that designing software offers is, it creates accurate designs. You can create your drawings in 2D or 3D, rotate them, edit them until you are satisfied, and experiment with your creation as many times as you want. In the case of manual drafting, you have to create a piece of art more consciously.

Save to Cloud

There are times when a client wants to see work in progress, and you can’t send him/her the same in file formats like .tiff, .psb, .eps. In such situations, designing software with a cloud solution comes handy, as you can save your file to the cloud, and the client will receive an email to open the file in a browser. Moreover, a file saved to cloud lets you easily access that file from various devices- desktop, laptop, smartphone, etc.

Select Multiple Shapes & Paths at Once

Designing software gives you the power to select multi-paths, multi-shapes, and vector masks simultaneously. A multi-layered file has a lot of paths, and using the proposed software you can easily target the path that you want to delete or modify. Moreover, you can also easily add a path using this software.

Buy Designing Solution

Consider the following factors to save yourself from investing in designing software that doesn’t suit your purpose:


Don’t invest in software that has maximum features, rather buy software that has relevant functions that meet your requirements. For example, if you are an architecture firm, investing in designing software with VFX features will not be wise.


Despite being a professional, it is wise to take the required software training from the vendor. You need to make sure proper training will be given to you and your designing team so that software can be used smoothly. Along with training, you must be provided with required manuals in either hard or soft copy for future reference.


Free demo, software trial or training have their value, but they cannot replace the support service rendered by the vendor. You might not have encountered any problem at the time of trial or training, but that doesn’t guarantee there will be no issue later on as well. Therefore, buy software from a vendor that has a quick and responsive support team.

Easy to Use

Training is necessary, but software that calls for an ample amount of training should be let go off in the first place. After all, later you don’t want to spend your entire time finding out how each feature works. Software that is user-friendly is always worth purchasing.

Operating System

This is one of the critical factors to consider while buying designing software as not every software is compatible with the Operating system you are using. There will be software that works well with Windows, MacOS, or Linux or all of them. Moreover, don’t forget to consider the version of the operating system before investing.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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A. Absolutely! Designing software vendor either provides with free trial or software demo. Free software trial is usually for 7 to 30 days.

A. Of course! Features can be customized as per your designing requirements.

A. Proposed software can be quickly implemented within 7 days. However, time may extend in the case of feature customization.

A. In most cases, 3D software is worth the extra cost because you will be able to design and do more with it.

Adobe Freehand

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Adobe InDesign CC for teams

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Adobe InDesign is a quintessential software for page design layout. It helps you create, pre-flight and publish appeali... Read More About Adobe InDesign CC for teams

Adobe FrameMaker for Teams

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FilmoraPro is a professional video editing software specially built for intermediate to expert level users working in m... Read More About FilmoraPro


By CSI Engineering

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CSiBridge is a graphic designing software used by engineers for modeling, analysis, and design of bridge structures. I... Read More About CSiBridge

Autodesk Fusion 360

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Autodesk Fusion 360 is a 3D designing software that offers sketching tools for helping engineers with designing sketche... Read More About Autodesk Fusion 360

Autodesk Autocad

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Autodesk Autocad Raster Design Toolset

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Edit scanned images with ease using Autodesk Autocad Raster Design Toolset. This solution comes with an AutoCAD subscrip... Read More About Autodesk Autocad Raster Design Toolset

Cheque 360

By Metr Technology

4.6 (3 reviews)

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Cheque360 the best financial and accounting solution is fabricated for any business size, so the companies can work easi... Read More About Cheque 360

Autodesk Autocad Plant 3D Toolset

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Adobe Font Folio

By Adobe

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Adobe Font Folio is a font designing software. It consists of over 2400 open type fonts and over 100000 Adobe original... Read More About Adobe Font Folio

Autocad Mechanical Toolset

By Autodesk

4.6 (3 reviews)

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Design mechanical components, parts and machines faster and better with Autodesk Autocad Mechanical Toolset. It comes wi... Read More About Autocad Mechanical Toolset

Autodesk Mudbox

By Autodesk

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Autodesk Mudbox is a computer-based designing tool that allows users to do 3D sculpting and painting. It is basically u... Read More About Autodesk Mudbox

Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2017

By Autodesk

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Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2017 is a complete Designing Solutions designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Des... Read More About Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2017

MyMemories Suite

By StoryRock

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My Memories Suite is a designing solution, which allows users to create customized merchandise with personalized images... Read More About MyMemories Suite

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What is Designing Software?

Designing software is used to create captivating visual files. The proposed software is deployed by creative professionals to add life to their design work. What artists used to achieve with pen and paper, is now being accomplished using designing software.

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Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams All Apps ₹82270 /Year 4.4
Adobe FrameMaker for Teams ₹32030 /Year 4.5
Autodesk Autocad ₹110849 /year 4.7
Cheque 360 ₹1416 4.6
Autodesk Autocad Plant 3D Toolset ₹78032 /year 4.5

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A. Dedicated support service is rendered by most of the designing software vendors to ensure that you can use designing software effectively.

A. Designing software can be smoothly upgraded as and when the latest version is available.

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