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45 Best Campus Management Software in 2021

What is Campus Management Software?

Campus management software has been created for educational institutions to help them campus management, academic administrative tasks effectively. Campus automation software day-to-day operations carried out in a university, college, school or any other learning institute for that matter.

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By Hexagon Innovations

(166 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

MyClassCampus is an all-in-one ERP platform that is helping schools, colleges and universities manage educational &... Read More About MyClassCampus
Inventory Classroom Management Letters & Certificate Generator +39 More
i-Genius School Management Software
i-genius is a school ERP software used to manage the daily operations of an educational institute. The software is des... Read More About i-Genius School Management Software
Admission Management Fee Management Transport Management +14 More


By Eduflex

(3 reviews)


Eduflex is an intuitive education ERP software that helps you to boost your school operations and optimize your schoolâ... Read More About Eduflex
Attendance Management Exam Management Library Management +16 More
Birlamedisoft Medical College Campus Solution
Medical College Campus Management Software from Birlamedisoft is a comprehensive solution for automation needs of the co... Read More About Birlamedisoft Medical College Campus Solution
Student Management Faculty & Staff Management Library Management +4 More

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d'Katia Career Book ERP
d'Katia Career Book ERP is an education management software designed for educational institutes. Be it, coaching instit... Read More About d'Katia Career Book ERP
Assessment Management Hostel Management Library Management +12 More


By Ebullitent

(6 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

Jack Prodigy is essentially an end-to-end integrated solution that was designed to cater to educational campus manageme... Read More About Jackprodigy
Leave Management Announcements Parent login +11 More


By Ixian Informatics


The learning management module of Campus7 consists of the following features: Video Streaming - Schools can showcase su... Read More About Campus7
Secured on Cloud Human Resource Academic +11 More
Qualsoft QualCampus - School
QualCampus - School is an integrated school management software that help management of schools in an effective and effi... Read More About Qualsoft QualCampus - School
Laboratory Management Hostel Management Assessment Management +14 More

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Focus plus
Focus Plus is a user-friendly web and mobile based institute management software and ERP system. The software is GST rea... Read More About Focus plus
Accounting Management Accounting & Taxation Banking +4 More
Augurs College Management
is a complete management solution offerings automation of day to day activities of educational institutes. The software... Read More About Augurs College Management
Attendance Management Fee Management Faculty & Staff Management +4 More
Kumudy Coaching/Institute Management Software
Kumudy coaching/institute management software is for coaching and other educational institutes. It helps in automating... Read More About Kumudy Coaching/Institute Management Software
Institute Management Fee Management Attendance Management +5 More
Admission Management Exam Management Fee Management +3 More

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eCampus Pro

eCampus Pro


(2 reviews)


eCampus Pro is a school management software that is used to manage all the aspects in an educational institute such as... Read More About eCampus Pro
Transport Management Student Registration Fee Management +6 More
G-IMS (Gayatri Institute Management)

G-IMS (Gayatri Institute Management)

By Gayatri Software

(1 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

Gayatri Software provides you with Institution Management System to manage school, colleges, and other educational insti... Read More About G-IMS (Gayatri Institute Management)
Course Management Manage Subject Category Management +11 More
Swastin School & College Management software
School & College Management software from Swastin Technologies is an innovative bundle of automated features empower... Read More About Swastin School & College Management software
Fee Management Student Management Examination & Assessment +5 More
School & College Management on Tally

School & College Management on Tally

By Jogeshwary

(5 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

School & College Management is great campus erp software useful to school & College day-to-day operations along... Read More About School & College Management on Tally
Admission Management Student Management Finance & Accounting +8 More

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By TBI Technologies

(2 reviews)


Exam4u is an online test platform used extensively by those in the education sector. This online exam software is impor... Read More About Exam4u
Support Manage Records Payment Processing +3 More
Campus Management
Campus Management Software allows to access student attendance information from anywhere. SMS/Email integration keeps... Read More About Campus Management
Student Management Faculty & Staff Management Biometric Support +9 More


By D-Sys Data

(1 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

D-EDU ERPis a complete Campus Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Campus Manag... Read More About D-EDU ERP
Dashboards Registrations Time Table Management +10 More
Fees Management System

Fees Management System

By Conduct Exam

(2 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

Fees management software is a best campus management system. It's boon to educational institutes like school, col... Read More About Fees Management System
Cloud-Based Email & SMS Integration Online Payment +5 More

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Last Updated on : 18 Oct, 2021

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Campus Management Software Reviews


Mukesh Kumar singh

review for MyClassCampus


"The modules are very useful like fees student management, faculty management and the admin management we can easly tract the faculty data and student data."

See All MyClassCampus Reviews


Rintu Cherian

review for Eduflex


"A great consolidation of all the options available to our organization. The representative was very casual yet proficient in advice and the approach"

See All Eduflex Reviews


"I am highly highly satisfied with the service!! Matt was patient with all my questions and helped me navigate the software space. His recommendations were right on target!"

See All Birlamedisoft Medical College Campus Solution Reviews


Hemant Chansoriya

review for d'Katia Career Book ERP


"Prompts a good service with excellent features. It is quiet user friendly."

See All d'Katia Career Book ERP Reviews


Rushin Mepani

review for Qualsoft QualCampus - School


"Techjockey saved us a lot of time by suggesting a few programs that would work for us."

See All Qualsoft QualCampus - School Reviews

Buyer's Guide for Top Campus Management Software

Found our list of Campus Management Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is Campus Management Software?

Campus management software has been created for educational institutions to help them campus management, academic administrative tasks effectively. Campus automation software day-to-day operations carried out in a university, college, school or any other learning institute for that matter.

As the word goes ‘campus,’, it helps with the management of whole premises including study halls, library, hostel building, canteen, dining hall and more. A campus management system software connects all processes within an educational campus and builds an efficient network to facilitate hassle-free management.
Last but not least, the software plays a crucial role in improving academic results as it leaves teachers, students and the staff with the time to concentrate on knowledge-based activities.

Who needs Campus Management Software?

CampusManager, Schools, Colleges and Universities can deploy a campus management system software on their campus to easily connect different departments and facilitate smooth administrative functions. The software is not only for the institute’s management but other stakeholders as well which includes parents, teachers, and students. The best institute management software proves to be an interactive platform for stakeholders. Parents can come in touch with teachers and know about the student’s whereabouts. Similarly, teachers can connect with students to update them regarding assignments, projects and other campus activities.

Why you need a Campus Management Software?

Managing routine work manually within an educational institute is a daunting task. and nothing can help like campus management software in this regard.

It assists in managing examination, tracking fee submission, library management, timetable preparation, admission, lab management and much more. Moreover, a campus ERP software helps educational departments mitigate the communication gap between parents, teachers, and students.

Features of Campus Management Software

A campus ERP software comes with a wide set of features to help learning institutes manage their tasks effortlessly. Here are some of the features that are essential for campus management:

Library Management System

A librarian can manage the entire school or college library seamlessly with this feature of an education management software. Complete details related to books such as name of the book, author name, publishing date/year, edition, etc. can be easily maintained. Books can be easily tracked, i.e. check to whom it has been issued, when it was issued, return status, etc. Moreover, the software will also help you with inventory management & library fine collection.

Cafeteria Management System

This feature is essential if you operate your cafeteria or canteen. It facilitates menu management, inventory management w.r.t food, beverages, utensils, etc. You can track the food items consumed, required cutlery and accordingly place the order for it. Also, if credit sales take place at your cafeteria, then campus automation software will keep you update about the amount due from buyers.

Campus Billing and Finance System

This feature helps you by automating financial calculations and various other tasks such as fee receipt generation, fee payment notification, late fee submission charges, etc. Finance is not only about collection, but payment as well. Therefore, staff salary payment, generating payslips can also be managed using an institute management software.

Online Calendar of Campus Management System

Students, teachers, parents, and other staff members can use the online calendar to keep themselves updated regarding whereabouts of the campus. Upcoming events, holidays, exams, and other campus activities are put on the online calendar to notify stakeholders at their convenience.

Campus Placement

Hundreds of companies come to college, universities to recruit qualified, skilled students. It is important that you make the campus placement process easy and efficient for students. Using college ERP system, you can provide complete details related to the respective method. List of recruiting companies, their process of recruitment, when are they visiting, and number of vacancies, students can be updated about all of these and more.

Online Application Form of Campus Management System

This feature is helpful for the administration as well as students. It becomes easy and convenient for students to apply at any institution in no time with online application forms. From choosing the course to uploading documents, paying registration charges, everything can be done within a few clicks. And the management can review applications, accept/reject the same quickly in such case.

Online Fee Payment

The software can be integrated with multiple payment options-debit cards, credit card, Visa, net banking to make it convenient for students/parents to pay the fee online. Same as ‘online application form,’ this feature is valuable for both, administration and students/parents. You get instant payment straight into the account and payee doesn’t have to be a part of the long queue.

Online Exam Software

This is an essential feature of any modern campus automation software which allows teachers to upload exams online and students to take the same using internet. This is not it, even tests, quizzes can also be conducted online. Additionally, the results of such examination, test, etc. can be uploaded online.  

Attendance Management System

This feature of the software frees the administrative staff from maintaining the attendance register of students and staff members. Software is linked to the academic calendar to automatically calculate working days and leaves taken by staff and students. Moreover, the software can be integrated with the biometric device for easy attendance tracking. This module is further integrated with the attendance management module so that holidays are pre-assigned in the attendance.

Modules of Campus Management Software

A campus management system software comes with multiple inbuilt modules to streamline admission process, fee collection, attendance management and other campus-related operations.


This module automates report generation process. You can generate reports on attendance basis for a specified period. To track student’s performance, improve their learning process, reports can be created on metrics like the result of test, exam, and quiz. Similarly, reports regarding the faculty’s performance, admission, etc. can be generated using an institute management software.

Course & Batch Management

Managing courses and batches become effortless with this module of education management software. You can add multiple courses, set days and time, allocate teachers for those. You can also set minimum attendance for each course. Moreover, you can assign batch for each course, minimum and maximum students, start & end date for the batch using a campus management software.

Inventory Management System

This module consists of an inventory category, purchase receipt, inventory issue, stock register, etc. The inventory usually consists of stationery-papers, pen, ruler, sketch pens, A4 sheets, etc. A proper record is maintained w.r.t brand of the stationery, quantity available, re-order level, to whom it has been issued. And with the help of ‘purchase receipt,’ you can check invoice number, paid amount and status.

Parent/Student Portal

This module acts as an online web connecting portal for students and especially for parents. Parents can track a child’s performance in academics, extracurricular activities. They can check the teacher’s remark/feedback. Also, they will come to know about future events going to take place in school/college.

Grants & Scholarship Management

The module of school management system helps in managing all the grants, scholarships offered by governments, NGOs, public or private institutions and any other third-party. Also, you can maintain a list of students applied for the scholarship and check if they are eligible as per the criteria defined by grant-giving institutions.

Campus Billing and Invoicing

It is easier to track the status of all transactions-admission fee, library fee, hostel charges, etc. You can track outstanding balance, export data to the accounting system, calculate fee as per defined rules with this module. Even students/parents can check the fee paid by them and generate invoice online using campus management software.

Alumni Management System

This module of a college management software helps you show your former students that you still care for them. You can maintain an updated record of the students- name, residential address, contact information, occupation, designation, etc. Moreover, a college ERP system facilitates complete management of all the details related to alumni meets, batch, venue, time, day, number of students, budget, etc.

Hostel Management System

Manage request for hostel room and allocate accommodation using the hostel management module. It will help you manage complete details of students, caretakers, room occupancy, etc. It is a complete hostel module, i.e. it helps track fee payment status and facilitates hostel inventory management.

Transport Management System Solution

This module comes handy if you provide transportation for your students and staff members. You can manage bus routes, stops, timing, a complete record of the bus driver. You can also calculate the transportation fee and track the bus. Moreover, a campus ERP software, supports the maintenance of buses by notifying on time about P.U.C certificate, insurance, and other such contracts renewal.

Benefits of the Best Campus Management Software

Increase in productivity, cost-effectiveness, workload reduction are some of the common benefits rendered by a campus automation software. Besides this, some more benefits can be added to the list, and they are as follows: 

Paperless Admission Management Software

Streamline the process of admission with campus automation software. The software facilitates online registration and admission. Students can choose the course, submit documents and make payment of all the sessions or batches online. Moreover, you can also benefit from reviewing the admission process easily.

Mitigate Communication Gap

Campus management system software bridges the communication gap between parents, teachers, and students. Parents will be no longer oblivious to their children’s performance and progress. Teachers could give assignments, projects and other tasks anytime and keep track of their completion. Similarly, students can contact teachers using the communication portal in case of any academic-related inquiry.

Easy Payment

Parents can avoid long queues, and you receive payment instantly with the help of campus management software in India. You can track the fee submission w.r.t admission, hostel, and other things. Also, there is no issue related to maintaining a register of physical payment receipts.

Student Tracking System Software

It is not easy to keep track of details related to students, teachers, other staff members and institute related matters manually. However, with an institute management software, you can manage all these functions effortlessly. School records management software for personal details, health records, fees paid, salary due, examination, and all other events can be managed well.

Build Positive Image

No wonder best institute management software can smoothen most of an institute’s work- student admission, fee collection, updating stakeholders regarding campus events, reporting. Since work is handled in a smooth and orderly manner, it eventually helps in building a positive image of the institution.

Buyer’s Guide

While opting for a campus management software in India, you ought to consider various factors.


What’s the point of implementing software that doesn’t provide the elements required to manage your business? It is, therefore, suggested that you list down the features and modules that you want to be there in campus management software.

Campus Software Price

This is the second most important factor to consider as the cost of the software should not overtake the benefits to be derived from it. Therefore, you must compare the best software options available before making the final purchase.

Timely Upgrades

Technology changes at a rapid speed. Therefore, it becomes essential to ensure that a campus automation software gets on-time updates. Moreover, a timely update is vital for you to access the latest features.

Easy to Use

The software must be easy to use if you want to derive results from it. You will never be able to execute your tasks using a complicated campus management software. And there are high chances that you will dedicate your work time in understanding the software. Or after trying your hands on complicated software, you might end up saying, ‘It’s better to do the work manually’.

Software Training

Software training is important as a lack of proper understanding of modules will prove to be a hindrance in using the software irrespective of the fact; it is easy to use. Therefore, ensure you & your employees get proper training.


Software that doesn’t ensure security of data is futile despite being best in everything described above. Speaking of safety, consider factors like role-based access, IP access control, single sign-on, multi-factor authentication while purchasing an education management software.

Campus Management Software Price List In India

Campus Management Software Cost
Best Campus Management Software Price Ratings
MyClassCampus ₹94 /Student 4.8
Jackprodigy ₹12 /User 4.7
G-IMS (Gayatri Institute Management) ₹29499 4.5
School & College Management on Tally ₹106200 /Quantity 4.5
D-EDU ERP ₹15000 4.5
Fees Management System ₹5900 /User 5

FAQ iconCampus Management Software FAQs

Usually, deploying a software takes not more than a week, but the period can extend in case of customization.

Dedicated after sale support service is rendered by most of the vendors of campus automation software to ensure you can use the software effortlessly. 

Most of the income tax software providers provide the free trial version & download option. It can be for a week, 15 days or 30 days.

Most of the campus management software can be customized as per the needs of different institutions.

Yes, proper training will be given, either in person or remotely on how to use the software effortlessly. And it will be accompanied by training modules which will be provided either in a hard or soft copy.  

Of course! You can upgrade your software anytime in the future. Just connect with our sales rep for the same.

  1. iCampuz
  2. Focus plus
  3. icampushub
  4. Yash Campus
  5. Shubham Software College ERP
  6. Rushda College Management Software
  7. Nali Clock CampusEntry
  8. Aarush Campuspedia E-Campus
  9. iWeb Education Management System(EMS)
  10. Qualsoft QualCampus - College
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